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How to furnish small spaces: Part 2

17 Nov 2019 |  Inspiration

How to furnish small spaces

Finding the ideal balance between design and functionality is critical when it comes to furnishing small spaces. To ensure you’re creating a comfortable living space built for longevity, read the below recommendations on how to fill your home with items that fit your requirements while emphasising your personal aesthetic.


Invest in multi-functional furniture

How to furnish small spaces

When it comes to maximising a small space, investing in furniture that is multi-functional should be on the top of your mind. One of the fundamental mistakes being made is attempting to work your space around furniture instead of focusing on buying pieces that will work with you. The living room is the perfect space to integrate multi-functional furniture, however, it is imperative to select pieces that are size-appropriate, to ensure that it doesn’t overwhelm your space.

Consider the Uno Sofa, which is ideal for smaller spaces, consider placing a 3-seater and 2-seater together in an L shape to create an inviting space whilst providing ample seating for guests. This versatile design can transform from its traditional sofa setting, to a day bed to rest your head by easily adjusting the arm rests.

Find an organisation system

King Living - Dainelli Roma Sideboard

King Living - Dainelli Libreria Bookcase

Another simple yet effective solution to amplify small living spaces is to invest in furniture that features storage. However, it is also important to have an efficient method for storing items, so that it’s not only helpful with locating what you need, but also hassle-free to keep your space clean and organised.

To store larger items in areas such as your living or dining room, consider the Dainelli Roma Sideboard with its simple and elegant aesthetic. One clever way is to line the inside of the sideboard with small baskets to help categorise the items you’re storing away.

Once you have stowed away the items you don’t wish to display, you can begin to consider arranging decorative pieces and books that bring aesthetic value to your space. With the Dainelli Libreria Bookcase, the variations in the shelving size allows you to mix up vertical and horizontally stacked books to bring personality to your room.

Choose a light colour palette

King Living - Zaza Sofa

King Living - Quay Outdoor Dining Table

To make your space feel larger, keep things light when it comes to choosing colours for your walls and furniture. Rich, darker colours can create a heaviness to your space, making them appear smaller to the eye. It is best to choose a lighter colour for the sofa as this is the largest piece of furniture in the space, this can be anchored with a rug in a darker or more vibrant shade and a statement print armchair, like the featured Zaza Sofa with Boulevard Armchair in Berba Ebony..

For your outdoor space, choose a light-coloured table like the Quay Dining Table and surround it with darker toned chairs like these Quay Outdoor Chairs. This combination expands your outdoor environment, making it inviting and open.

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