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Spring Colour Trends

05 Sep 2019 |  Inspiration

Spring Colour Trends

The arrival of Spring welcomes a time for transformation and a great time to begin planning for the year ahead.

Last year, the interior design world embraced an edgier mood, introducing contemporary metallics, powerful reds, and varying statement black accent walls. However, this year, we’ve transitioned to incorporate earthy and natural tones like deep terracotta and intense aquas to reflect more of how we live, and how it can better enhance the way we live in our space.

Whether you’re repainting the walls or simply introducing new accessories to your coffee table, it’s important to invest in colours that stand the test of time. The new collection of vibrant hues is an example of that and is predicted to dominate the interior design scene. They include pastel green, cool blue, milky orange, bold purple and muddy yellow.

Neo Mint

Spring Colour Trends - Neo Mint

The most galvanising of the new shades is the pale green tone aptly named Neo Mint. It embodies optimism and futuristic development and is described by international trend forecasters WGSN as an “oxygenating hue that aligns science, technology and nature.”

“This directional shade symbolises the start of a new decade...It’s likely to be the key player in the 2020 colour palette and we’ll be seeing it as both a base and accent colour."

Neale Whitaker - King Living ambassador

Purist Blue

Spring Colour Trends - Purist Blue

Purist Blue, a soft blue shade with a slight touch of grey is a welcomed addition to next year’s palette, replacing the popular cobalt tones. “We’re moving away from deep, rich blues and towards more subtle shades with hints of grey. Purist Blue is a perfect example of that trend,” says Whitaker.


Spring Colour Trends - Cassis

This fusion of pink of purple is also on the radar. Sophisticated and feminine, it’s a shade that will add luxury and a little drama to the interiors landscape. It’s already proving popular on the international fashion runways.


Spring Colour Trends - Cantaloupe

Replacing the zesty oranges of past seasons, Cantaloupe takes its cue from its namesake fruit – a sweet, orange-pink melon shade with broad appeal. “This fruity pastel is fresh, energetic and very different from the deeper terracotta shades and fluoro oranges we’ve been seeing recently,” adds Whitaker. “I think Cantaloupe will be a popular colour for accessories – especially in spring and summer.”

Mellow Yellow

Spring Colour Trends - Mellow Yellow

The final colour expected to dominate the interior space next year is Mellow Yellow, taking the acid lemons and muddier ochres and mustards from recent seasons and fusing them to create a warm, welcoming shade. Whitaker feels Mellow Yellow is the ‘new neutral’ we will all fall in love with next year. “It’s a shade with warmth that will team beautifully with other more traditional neutrals such as grey and beige. Of all the colours tipped for 2020, Mellow Yellow probably has the widest reach across a range of palettes and decorating styles,” he says.

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