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The Art of Living

Derived from the essence of the Australian way of living.

For those who appreciate unprecedented levels of refinement, comfort and prestige in the outdoors, experience the art of living with Jasper II outdoor.

Uncompromising and unrivalled. Zaza is rooted in simplicity, where every detail has a timeless elegance and sense of purity.

Experience the art of living wth the outdoor Zaza

The Art of Living is rooted in a view of simplicity, authenticity and casual luxury

It is particularity true in Australian architecture; families move freely between indoor and outdoor space. Reveling in the transitions to natural light, welcoming the first golden chards of sunrise through the dramatic saturated bliss of the day to the long, late afternoon shadows creeping slowly across the landscape bath in soft orange

As the world spends more time secluding into their homes, The Art of Living campaign is inspired by a new perspective of comfort. Where comfort is. treated as an emotion, a state of mind and the connection to living authentically. There is no reason why great design should stop in the living room. Inspired by the Australian outdoors with a focus on longevity and craftsmanship, discover the King Outdoor collection and experience the art of living.


Discover a world of flexibility

Design by award-winning Australian Designer Charles Wilson for King. Zaza's exquisite organic design features adjustable arms and backs that allow you to personalise your comfort.

Immerse yourself in the world of KING

The world's best sofas demand the finest materials and the most exacting attention to detail.

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